Rashemen (Shifter)

Type: Campaign
Campaign Setting: Forgotten Realms
Prerequisite: Shifter

Rashemen is a land of stories. Village elders draw children close to the fire, not with legends of faraway lands or ancient heroes, but of dark threats that lurk under the bridge just up the road or in the forests that surround their homes. The elders are not wrong to do so, for fey beings and monstrous things do lurk close at hand, including shifters.
    Your people live in secret in the Ashenwood among legendary monsters like Dar-Guran, the troll who can bite off a human’s head. Yet you also live with more benign nature spirits that seem to exist in every limpid pool and quiet copse of trees. Some Rashemi see your race as the troll, while others view you as the spirit. Your own people often seem unsure, vacillating between savagery and primal harmony. You left them to find your own way.
    Benefit: You add Damaran to your list of languages known, you add Nature to your class skills list, and you gain a +2 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Insight checks when dealing with fey.

Published in Dragon Magazine 394.