Red Pilgrim

Type: Society
Campaign Setting: General

Through trials of blood you have survived the red pilgrimage, a journey only the bravest or most foolhardy Nerathi descendants make to their gnoll-infested homeland in order to gaze upon the capital city’s ruin. What drove you to undertake this quest, and what will you do once you’ve accomplished it? Were you sent to recover an artifact, or perhaps to rescue human captives? Maybe you needed no reason other than to stand in the presence of the Flame and witness the terrors which were unleashed upon your ancestors. Now that you’ve seen them, are you more driven than ever for vengeance, or are you doubtful that Nerath will ever rise again?
    Personal Quests: Guide others on their pilgrimage to the capital city; undertake daring attacks against the gnolls; protect other Nerathi faithful—at any cost.
    Associated Skills: Perception, Stealth

Published in Dragon Magazine 393.