Campaign Setting: General

You are truly devoted, to the point that you actively seek to bring back to life the powers to which you pray. Returning a dead god to life is an epic adventure, and your initial aim is to gather power and lore to achieve it. Depending on your deity’s nature and cause of death, you might seek alliances with other deities in a hope they will aid you in your quest.
    Why do you want to bring back this deity? Do you hope for a reward? Do you seek salvation? Do you see a need for that deity’s return? How will you bring him or her back? Do you seek apotheosis or powerful necromantic rites? How do others feel about your quest, and how open are you about it? What do you intend to do if people oppose it?
    Most adventurers who follow this path are divine characters. Invokers, and especially devas, have a strong investment in a deity and might follow this path out of a sense of duty. Other races might be drawn to a deity’s specific qualities and seek to bring it back as a patron to their race. Resurrectionists often fulfill a leading role. They are strong traditionalists, fighting to maintain and protect what they know and love.
    Associated Skills: Diplomacy, Heal

Published in Dragon Magazine 390.