Revered Elder

Type: Occupation
Campaign Setting: General

You are no brash youth embarking on a life of adventure before settling into a respectable adulthood. Your younger days are behind you, though your body and mind are still strong thanks to the favor of the spirits. You have communed with the spirits all your life, and until recently you used their wisdom to guide your people. You might have been the head of a family following the spirit way in the midst of a town or city, or you could have advised the chieftain of a vast tribe in the wilderness. Perhaps you sat on a council of elders in a village, or even led that council.
But something changed, and the sedate life of an elder is no longer possible for you. What happened to spur you into adventure? Did you have a vision that summoned you to a dangerous place? Did a younger member of your family venture into a dungeon and never return? Perhaps you lost your ability to easily slip into the spirit world and commune with the spirits, and you want to find out why.
    Associated Skills: Insight, Nature

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 134.