Scion of Patricians

Type: Society
Campaign Setting: General

You’re of noble blood and descended through an unbroken Nerathi pedigree. You grew up with stories of your ancestors’ wealth and prestige; you might even be the heir of an important Nerathi politician or of a self-styled “emperor” of a provincial region. Throughout your life you’ve been taught to respect your heritage and that you possess the power and imperative to be a leader of humankind. How has living in the shadow of your ancestors affected you? Do you have a feeling of entitlement, taking what you feel is owed to you for your ancestor’s glory? Perhaps you feel the opposite—that your wealth and heritage brings the burden of responsibility to contribute something to a world spiraling into darkness.
    Personal Quests: Discover the true line of your noble descent; use your family connections to restore order to a turbulent city; perform a deed of your own worthy to stand beside your ancestors’.
    Associated Skills: History, Insight

Published in Dragon Magazine 393.