Sea Chaplain

Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Follower of Melora

You have lived a stone’s throw from the sea your entire life, learning its secrets. For as long as you can remember, riding the ocean waves or diving beneath the foam felt more natural than walking on land. You can hold your breath longer than anyone you know, and when you sit on the beach at night, you can hear the ocean breeze whispering to you. Now you spend your days on the open water and in a myriad of ports, helping others deal with the loneliness and dangers of life at sea.
    Associated Quests: Tend to the lost and set them on the path of nature’s harmony; build lighthouses to warn sailors of perils; investigate mass beachings of dolphins and whales to ensure nothing sinister is behind them.
    Associated Skills: Endurance, Religion

Published in Dragon Magazine 401.