Type: Occupation
Campaign Setting: General

You have served as a sentry on the far-flung borders of some realm or region. You received martial training to equip you with the skills to guard against specific threats. The peaceful existence of the people within the border depended on your vigilance. You might have traveled with a small band of fellow sentries, or you might have remained alone for weeks at a time, relying on signal fires and horns to communicate with other sentries nearby. You were versed in the use of weapons, yet you recognized that mobility and keen senses were your most valuable assets. The chance of meeting your foes in the remote lands you frequented was tiny. However, your ability to identify the signs of an intruder—a broken twig, an upturned leaf, a faint depression—meant that even unseen foes were detected. Did you weather your post stoically, or did the long, lonely days take their toll? Have you seen horrors on the borderlands that have left you taciturn, or do you remain chipper despite the duties you performed?
    Associated Skills: Nature, Perception

Published in Martial Power 2, page(s) 155.