Type: Geography
Campaign Setting: General

You grew up in the ancient Sildaine Forest, maybe in the elven village that stands alongside the Crystalbrook as it runs through the woods. You know all too well of the area's recent troubles. The woodland realm usually provides for all, but recent events—weather, strange creatures, and incursions from the nearby town of Crystalbrook—have disturbed the tranquility of your home. Carric, Lord of the Sildaine, has established edicts to keep nonfey out of the forest and tax those passing through on the roads. But even his youngest daughter, Juliana, is among those reluctant to follow the decrees. You've always known her as determined, curious, and daring. Perhaps she knows something others don't.
    How well do you know Lord Carric, his wife Myran, and his children, especially Juliana? What do you do in the Sildaine Forest? What do the other fey of the forest think of you? Why did you answer Count Varis's call? What do you think of the overbold townsfolk of Crystalbrook? Have you or any you care about had trouble with them? Did you act against the town in any way?
    Associated Skills: History, Nature

Published in Beyond the Crystal Cave, page(s) 7.