Spirit Clutch

Type: Campaign
Campaign Setting: Dark Sun

As an orphan growing to maturity among the thri-kreen, you had no true clutch; instead, you were adopted and guided by the ancestral spirits of the Spirit Khanate. They taught you to hunt and filled you with tales of lost empires and the superiority of the thri-kreen. Such an upbringing might not intrude too much on the outlook or behavior of a thri-kreen, but you might not be a thri-kreen. Did your childhood alter your perspective on the thri-kreen? Did stories of lost cities in the wasteland imbue you with a longing for adventure?
    Personal Quests: Single-handedly hunt and slay a creature at least 4 levels higher than you; uncover (or conceal from enemies) evidence of a long-lost thri-kreen empire; lead the thri-kreen to conquest.
    Associated Skills: Endurance, History

Published in Dragon Magazine 395.