Type: Geography
Campaign Setting: General

You are a citizen of Count Varis's city of Sybar, a small but cosmopolitan place where several trade routes converge. The city offers countless challenges and opportunities, and you have availed yourself of several in your chosen career. You have heard of troubles on the frontier near Sybar, and when Count Varis called for aid, you answered. You know the count to be a fair man who loves his city and the region.
    Why did you answer the count's call? What did you do before you answered? What district of the city did you grow up in—docks, farm, slum, trade, or noble? Do you hope to gain anything in this quest? How do other Sybarans think of you? Do you have relatives in the town of Crystalbrook or Sildaine Forest?
    Associated Skills: History, Streetwise

Published in Beyond the Crystal Cave, page(s) 7.