Tempest's Child - Follower of Kord

Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Follower of Kord

They say you were born to serve Kord. Your birth occurred on a battlefield and during the worst storm in memory. Thunder heralded your arrival in the world, and when you took your first breath, the tempest and battle fell eerily silent as the eye of the storm—Kord’s eye—passed over you. Since then you were tutored and trained by warrior-scholars of Kord. For years, every moment of your waking hours was dedicated to preparing you for something: exercises, combat training, tactics and strategy, lessons about all the great conquerors, and the fighting techniques of a dozen nations. Then one day your teachers said you were ready; they had no more to teach you and you must seek to learn more in the wider world.
    Do you know for what your teachers were preparing you? Did they? Did your parents agree to give you over to the priests of Kord, or were you taken? What was the battle about when you were born? Do you believe yourself to be as important to Kord as those who taught you?
    Associated Skills: History, Religion

Published in Dragon Magazine 392.