The Breach

Type: Geography
Campaign Setting: General

A roiling, seething realm polluted by chaotic energy, the Breach features lightning gathered in pools, thunder rocking the ground, and liquid fire falling from the heavens. The Breach is a warped and tortured region, assailed by energy spilling forth from the Elemental Chaos. Everything is wrong here: Mountains drift through the skies, ice forms over molten rock, and dark columns formed from shrieking winds swirl in place. Patches of normal terrain form islands here: Bits of forest or ruin remain as the only evidence of what the land was like before the breach. Few people live here, because the land cannot sustain natural life for long, but elemental beasts and humanoids exist here—some are benign, but most are malevolent.
    Associated Skills: Arcana, Endurance
    Associated Languages: Primordial

Published in Dragon Magazine 383, page(s) 58.