The Demon Binder

Type: Origin
Campaign Setting: General

When a minor demon possessed your true love’s body, you did not have the heart to strike the killing blow. Instead you offered the creature a choice: It could bind itself to your service, or else you would strike your love down and send the demon back to the Abyss.
    The creature accepted your offer, but it kept your love’s soul as a hostage, secreting it away in the Abyss.
    The foul thing is bound to you now and cannot be abjured. It wishes only to wreak havoc in the world and rise among the ranks of its kind by lending its awful might to your causes. It is an obedient servant and a prison mate. It is a festering growth. It is the jailor of your true love’s soul.
    Associated Skills: Arcana, Religion

Published in Dragon Magazine 389, page(s) 8.