The Five Wraiths

Type: Origin
Campaign Setting: General

You are dying, but not by normal means. You recently discovered a remarkable ancient ritual that, if performed perfectly, would grant the participants eternal life. You persuaded your five closest friends to swear a pact that you would each use this power to shepherd the world and its people prosperously through all its future ages. But something went terribly wrong.
    Soon after the ritual, each of you began to fade gradually from existence, becoming light and ephemeral and occasionally translucent. You felt a strange hunger—a craving for vitality and experience.
    In your friends, however, this hunger manifested as a mad, destructive impulse. Now, instead of protecting the world as they swore to do, they seek to bring it down with them. They name themselves Strife, War, Hatred, Doom, and Terror, and they have dubbed you Death.
    Will you allow these wraiths to break the world you all sought to save? Or will you submit to your fate and fade away?
    Associated Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics

Published in Dragon Magazine 389, page(s) 9.