The Frostfell (Eberron Player's Guide)

Type: Geography
Campaign Setting: Eberron

The Frostfell stretches across Eberron’s northern reaches and is a land of blinding snow, creaking glaciers, and jagged peaks. With its ancient treasures and untouched lands, the Frostfell beckons to adventurers and explorers like a gleaming, uncut jewel. For all the attempted expeditions to the Frostfell, little is known of this enigmatic region. Few groups have returned safely from exploration of the region. One such group is the Wayfinder Foundation, an organization of exploration and philanthropy led by the half ling Boroman ir’Dayne. The foundation’s members have reported great devil-ruled cities in the ice, towers of frozen bone, and warm oases in the midst of frosty vales. However, most of their accounts are contradictory. The dwarven clans of the Mror Holds believe that they originally hail from the Frostfell.
    Associated Skills: Endurance, Nature

Published in Eberron Player's Guide, page(s) 150.