Touched by Darkness

Type: Legacy of Acererak
Campaign Setting: General

You might have served a necromancer in your youth, perhaps as an apprentice or possibly as guard or servant. Proximity to your master’s corruption left a mark on you. Did your experience alter how you see undead? Is necromancy a path you might seek or is it an abomination to be fought and destroyed? How does the mark manifest on you? Are you pale? Do you suffer from a disfiguring condition, or are you unhinged?
Possible Minor Quests: You might have born witness to appalling acts of wickedness, and if so, you might seek redemption, fighting the darkness to atone for your past. You might also seek out the necromancer or undead master you served to prevent his works from plunging the world into death.
    Associated Skills: Intimidate, Stealth, Religion
    Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus to saving throws against ongoing effects and conditions with the necrotic keyword.

Published in Dragon Magazine 371, page(s) 7.