Two Sides of the Coin

Campaign Setting: General

You are a twin, yet yours was not a normal birth; you were brought into the world beneath an alignment of stars not seen since before the Spellplague. The first born arrived in the world bright, laughing, and smiling only moments after birth. The second twin came later—an unexpected arrival after birthing was thought finished. This twin looked coldly upon the world with dark eyes and silence. Since then, you and your twin have been opposites, each one a different side of the same coin.
    Is one twin good and the other evil? How were you and your twin treated differently as you grew up? Were you brought up together or separated? Can the twins be judged by appearances or is the truth that the first born hides the darkness that the second born shows? Which twin were you? Do both your parents still live? Was your strange birth prophesied or an accident of coincidence? Do you know where your twin is now?
    Associated Skills: Bluff, Insight

Published in Dragon Magazine 388.