Urban Shaman

Type: Racial
Campaign Setting: General
Prerequisite: Shifter

The city is alive. You barter with the spirits of stone and steel, speaking with the ancient foundations of the city and the dominant force that drives it. Is it a fortress driven by war? A market with a dozen spirits of commerce all clamoring for attention? Is the heart of the city the great academy? You know, because you hear its voice. You barter with the spirits for the good of your people, and you use these same skills to keep peace between packs. You learned the ways of the wild from your ancestors, but in the city you feel most at home. If you are a shaman, consider how your spirit companions reflect your urban bond; a protector spirit could be the embodiment of strong city walls, and your stalker spirit is a glittering assemblage of steel blades.
    Associated Skills: Diplomacy, Streetwise
    Benefit: While in an urban environment, you can substitute Streetwise for Nature when using a ritual that requires a Nature check.

Published in Dragon Magazine 387, page(s) 48.