Young Cutthroat

You’ve heard of the Chillbain Clan in New Shardaluum? I’ve got a lot of Chillbain friends. Close friends, if you know what I mean.

Type: Campaign
Campaign Setting: Scales of War Adventure Path

You were the violent arm of an organized crime cartel, dispensing bloody punishment for real and imagined slights. How were you recruited into the syndicate; was it based on family, trade guild, or neighborhood ties? How high did you rise in its ranks? Why aren’t you still there? Is there a price on your head from the authorities, the crime syndicate, or both?
Good Background: Tiefling.
    Benefit: You add Intimidate and Thievery to your class skill list, and you gain a +1 bonus to Intimidate and Thievery checks.

Published in Dragon Magazine 366, page(s) 58.