Hybrid Paladin (Blackguard)


Role: Striker.
Power Source: Divine.
Prerequisite: When building a hybrid character, you cannot combine a hybrid blackguard with any other type of paladin.
Key Abilities: Strength, Charisma

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, leather, hide, chainmail, scale, plate; heavy shields, light shields.
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, military melee, simple ranged, military ranged.
Implement: Holy symbols
Bonus to Defense: +1 Fortitude, +1 Reflex, +1 Will.

Hit Points at 1st Level: 7.5+ Constitution Score.
Hit Points per Level Gained: 3
Healing Surges per Day: 5

Class Skills: Arcana (Int), Athletics (Str), Bluff (Cha), Endurance (Con), Heal (Wis), History (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Religion (Int), Thievery (Dex).

Class features: Dark Menace (Hybrid), Dread Smite (Hybrid), Spirit of Vice (Hybrid)
Hybrid Talent Options: Paladin Armor Proficiency or Shroud of Shadow (Hybrid).

Hybrid blackguards are relatively rare, since most adventurers who follow that dark path do so with a fervor matched only by a paladin’s dedication to justice. Still, some blackguards are practical enough to realize that arcane magic and other talents can help them sow terror and overpower their foes. In fact, some blackguard orders embrace such abilities, cultivating unique combinations of talents to confuse and surprise their enemies.


Whenever you make a weapon attack against an enemy granting combat advantage to you using a paladin power or paladin paragon path power, that enemy takes extra damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

You can select the dread smite power whenever you have the opportunity to gain or replace a class encounter attack power that has a level. If you already have dread smite, you gain an additional use of the power if you select it again.

Paladin Attack Dread Smite

The dark coldness at the heart of your vice makes your strike all the more crippling.

Encounter        Cold, Divine, Necrotic, Shadow
Free Action      Personal

Trigger: You target an enemy with an at-will weapon attack power.

Effect: The target takes cold and necrotic damage equal to 2 + your Charisma modifier. If the triggering attack hits, the target also takes ongoing 5 cold and necrotic damage (save ends).
    Level 7: 4 + Charisma modifier cold and necrotic damage.
    Level 17: 7 + Charisma modifier cold and necrotic damage, and ongoing 10 cold and necrotic damage (save ends).
    Level 27: 10 + Charisma modifier cold and necrotic damage, and ongoing 15 cold and necrotic damage (save ends).

You choose a vice and gain the benefit of the Spirit of Vice class feature, except that the benefit applies only to your paladin powers and paladin paragon path powers.

Hybrid talent Options
If you take the Hybrid Talent feat, you can select one of the following options.

You gain proficiency with leather armor, hide armor, chainmail, scale armor, plate armor, light shields, and heavy shields.

You gain the shroud of shadow power. In addition, at 7th level or higher, you gain the benefit of the Improved Shroud of Shadow feature associated with your vice.

Paladin Utility Shroud of Shadow

A misty cloud of gloom swirls about you, confounding your enemies and fortifying your resolve.

Encounter        Shadow
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: You gain partial concealment until the end of your next turn. You also gain 5 temporary hit points.
    Level 11: 10 temporary hit points.
    Level 21: 15 temporary hit points.

Published in Dragon Magazine 402.