Hybrid Rogue


Role: Striker.
Power Source: Martial.
Key Abilities: Dexterity, Strength, Charisma

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, leather.
Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, hand crossbow, short sword, shuriken, sling.
Bonus to Defense: +1 Reflex.

Hit Points at 1st Level: 6+ Constitution Score.
Hit Points per Level Gained: 2.5
Healing Surges per Day: 3

Class Skills: Acrobatics (Dex), Athletics (Str), Bluff (Cha), Dungeoneering (Wis), Insight (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Perception (Wis), Stealth (Dex), Streetwise (Cha), Thievery (Dex).

Class features: Sneak Attack (Hybrid)
Hybrid Talent Options: First Strike, Rogue Combat Talent, Rogue Tactics (Hybrid).

You know the value of a well-placed knife, even if you don’t bring the rogue’s full complement of talents to every situation.
The most common backstory for a hybrid rogue is a childhood spent on the mean streets of a city, learning enough tricks to stay alive and out of prison. Alternatively, you might have been a respected member of society once, driven to a rogue’s life by cruel fate or the machinations of your enemies. You can be just as sneaky and deadly as a nonhybrid rogue, but you must sacrifice some rogue options to gain those of another class.


This class feature functions as the rogue class feature, except that you can deal the extra damage only when you hit with a rogue power or a rogue paragon path power.

Hybrid talent Options
If you take the Hybrid Talent feat, you can select one of the following options.

At the start of every encounter, you have combat advantage against any creatures that have not yet acted in that encounter.

When you select this option, you choose one of the following class features.

Rogue Weapon Talent (Hybrid)
When you wield a shuriken, your weapon damage die increases by one size. When you wield a dagger, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls.

Sharpshooter Talent (Hybrid)
This class feature replaces the Rogue Weapon Talent class feature.

Choose crossbows or slings. You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with any weapon of the chosen group. You gain Far Shot as a bonus feat, even if you don’t meet the prerequisites.

Rogues operate in a variety of ways. Some rogues use their natural charm and cunning trickery to deceive foes. Others rely on brute strength to overcome their enemies.     
Choose one of the following tactics below. The choice you make also provides bonuses to certain rogue powers. Individual powers detail the effects (if any) your Rogue Tactics selection has on them.

Artful Dodger (Hybrid)
You gain a bonus to AC equal to your Charisma modifier against opportunity attacks.

Brutal Scoundrel (Hybrid)
You gain a bonus to Sneak Attack damage equal to your Strength modifier.

Cunning Sneak (Hybrid)
You don’t take a penalty to Stealth checks for moving more than 2 squares, and you take a –5 penalty instead of a -10 penalty to Stealth checks for running.

If you end a move action at least 3 squares away from your starting position, you can make a Stealth check to become hidden if you have any concealment or any cover, except for cover provided by intervening allies.

Ruthless Ruffian (Hybrid)
You are proficient with the club and the mace, and you can use those weapons with Sneak Attack or any rogue power or rogue paragon path power that normally requires a light blade. If you use a club or a mace to deliver an attack that has the rattling keyword, add your Strength modifier to the damage roll.

Suggested Combinations

Most hybrid rogues need two good ability scores, making hybrid combinations tricky to build.

A rogue/sorcerer can add some devious ranged and burst attacks to a repertoire of melee powers.

Combining the hybrid rogue with the hybrid bard creates a master trickster, who uses Charisma and Dexterity to alternately befuddle and eviscerate foes.

If you prefer brawn over guile, combine the hybrid fighter with the hybrid rogue, choose Rogue Tactics through the Hybrid Talent feat, and then pick either the Brutal Scoundrel class feature or the Ruthless Ruffian class feature.

Published in Player's Handbook 3.