Druid (Protector)


Role: Controller.
Power Source: Primal. You have mastered the power and magic of nature, using it to create a line of defense between the natural world and those that would harm it.
Key Abilities: Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, leather, hide.
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, simple ranged.
Implement: Staffs, totems
Bonus to Defense: +1 Reflex, +1 Will.

Hit Points at 1st Level: 12+ Constitution Score.
Hit Points per Level Gained: 5
Healing Surges per Day: 7+ Constitution Modifier.

Trained Skills: Nature. From the class skills list below, choose 3 more trained skills at 1st level.
Class Skills: Arcana (Int), Athletics (Str), Diplomacy (Cha), Endurance (Con), Heal (Wis), History (Int), Insight (Wis), Nature (Wis), Perception (Wis).

Class features: Druid Circle, Nature’s Growth, Primal Attunement, Summon Natural Ally.

Though most people associate the Feywild with arcane magic, it is also home to some of the most pristine regions of natural growth across all of the planes. Primeval forests sit untouched by civilization since their creation, alongside mountainsides and hilltops upon which no intelligent being has ever set foot. It should be no surprise that there are those who have chosen a life of protection and guardianship over the natural treasures of the plane.
    As with all druids, protectors are the masters of the magic first shared with mortals by the primal spirits. The primal spirits might dwell chiefly in the world, but the druids of the Feywild hear their call and heed their guidance even in the fey realm. Though it might seem as though the presence of the primal spirits in the Feywild would be at a diminished level, in truth primal magic is often among the most effective tools to use in a plane infused with arcane magic. Where many of the dangers of the Feywild have evolved over the eons to deal with the omnipresent nature of arcane threats, primal magic is still untamed and unanticipated by most creatures of the plane.
    As a protector, you learned your primal magic from a druid circle, which trained you to protect nature and punish those that would do it harm. By ensuring that the land, the water, and the sky inhabited by the primal spirits is protected, you become a staunch defender of those who live in harmony with nature and show respect for their natural surroundings.
    You might go out into the world to seek new experiences and powerful artifacts of primal magic. Though you will stray far from your druid circle in the course of your adventures, your efforts reflect on its goals, and you will use the knowledge it has granted you to battle despoilers and defilers throughout the world and across the planes.


Level 1:

Choose a druid circle. You gain the benefits of that circle.

Circle of Renewal
You gain the following features.
    Primal Guardian: While you are not wearing heavy armor, you can use your Constitution modifier in place of your Dexterity or Intelligence modifier to determine your AC.
    Healing Growth: When any ally in your nature’s growth zone or adjacent to it spends a healing surge to regain hit points, he or she regains additional hit points equal to your Constitution modifier.

Circle of Shelter
You gain the following features.
    Primal Predator: While you are not wearing heavy armor, you gain a +1 bonus to your speed.
    Unhindering Growth: Your allies ignore the difficult terrain created by your nature’s growth.

You gain the nature's growth power

Druid Utility Nature's Growth

A thicket of vines, plants, and tough shrubs erupts as if from nowhere to clutch at your foes.

Encounter        Primal, Zone
Minor Action      Area burst 1 within 10 squares (burst 2 at 11th level and burst 3 at 21st level)

Effect: The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of the encounter. The zone is difficult terrain for all creatures except you. You can dismiss the zone as a minor action.

You gain three Primal Attunement powers of your choice.

Druid Utility Air Spirit

With a flick of your fingers, the air stirs before you to lift objects with ease.

At-Will        Conjuration, Primal
Minor Action      Ranged 5

Effect: You conjure an air spirit in an unoccupied square within range. The spirit lasts until the end of your next turn or until you use this power again. When the spirit appears, it can pick up or manipulate an object weighing 20 pounds or less.
    As a minor action, you cause the spirit to pick up or manipulate a different object of the specified weight. As a move action, you move the spirit up to 5 squares. As a free action, you cause the spirit to drop an object it is holding.
    As a minor action, you cause the spirit to shed bright light in a 4-square radius. You can extinguish this light as a free action.

Sustain Minor: The spirit persists until the end of your next turn.

Druid Utility Call the Spirits

The greatest of the primal spirits boast a level of power that you can only dream of one day gaining access to. However, even the least of the spirits can prove useful in your everyday life.

At-Will        Primal
Standard Action      Close burst 5

Effect: You use this power to produce one of the following effects.
     Cause one candle, torch, lantern, or campfire in the burst to burn more brightly, increasing the radius of its illumination by 1.
     Open or close a door in the burst that is not latched, locked, or stuck.
     Create a light gust of wind that can blow small, unattended objects in the burst that weigh less than 1 pound to any other location in the burst.
     Create sparks from your fingertips that can light one candle, torch, or campfire in the burst.

Special: Nothing you do with this power can deal damage or hinder another creature’s actions. This power cannot duplicate the effect of any other power.

Druid Utility Senses of the Wild

You close your eyes, so that you might sense the upheavals in the balance of nature that otherwise cannot be seen.

At-Will        Primal
Minor Action      Close burst 5

Effect: You use this power to produce one of the following effects.
     Automatically detect the presence of a disease or a diseased plant or creature in the burst.
     Detect the presence or absence of a type of mundane plant or animal of your choice in the burst.
     Until the end of the current turn, gain a +5 power bonus to Perception checks and Insight checks to detect poison or hazards that deal poison damage in the burst.
     Sense the presence of corpses in the burst.

Druid Utility Verdant Touch

You lay your hands on the flora that surrounds you, granting it a momentary semblance of life as it shifts and grows at your command.

Encounter        Primal
Minor Action      Close burst 1

Effect: You can turn difficult terrain in the burst into normal terrain until the end of your next turn, but only if the terrain is composed of grass, underbrush, vines, or similar growth and was not created by a power.
    You can also use this power to cause plants in the burst to blossom with flowers and to cause small plants or grass in the burst to begin growing in barren terrain.

Druid Utility Vine Rope

With a twist of your hands, you draw a fast-growing vine from the ground before you, then watch as it weaves itself into a resilient rope.

At-Will        Primal
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: You draw a vine from the ground that is up to 50 feet in length. The vine functions as a silk rope and lasts until the end of the encounter or until you use this power again. You can cause the vine to vanish as a minor action.

You gain the summon natural ally power. Because of this feature, you do not gain a druid daily attack power at level 5, 9, 15, 19, 25, or 29. Instead, you gain the summon natural ally power at level 1. At level 5, you can use summon natural ally twice per day, and at level 9, you can use it three times per day.

Druid Attack Summon Natural Ally

You call out to the spirits of the natural world, which send a faithful creature to do your bidding.

Daily        Primal, Summoning
Standard Action      Ranged 5

Effect: You summon a creature associated with your Primal Aspect (such as Primal Guardian or Primal Predator) and of your level or lower. The creature appears in an unoccupied space within range. It is an ally to you and your allies.
    The creature lacks actions of its own. Instead, you spend actions to command it mentally, choosing from the actions in the creature’s description. You must have line of effect to the creature to command it. When you command the creature, you and the creature share knowledge but not senses.
    When the creature makes a check, you make it using your game statistics, not including any temporary bonuses or penalties.
    The creature lasts until it drops below 1 hit point, at which point you lose a healing surge (or hit points equal to your surge value if you have no surges left). Otherwise, it lasts until you dismiss it as a minor action or until the end of the encounter.

Summon Natural Ally (Primal Guardian)
You can summon a creature associated with your Primal Aspect (Primal Guardian).
    Level 1: You can use summon natural ally to summon a giant cobra or a desert hawk.
    Level 15: You can use summon natural ally to summon a bulette or a venomous scorpion.
    Level 29: You can use summon natural ally to summon a blue dragon wyrmling or a desert roc.

Summon Natural Ally (Primal Predator)
You summon a creature associated with your Primal Aspect (Primal Predator)
    Level 1: You can use summon natural ally to summon a grizzly bear or a pack wolf.
    Level 15: You can use summon natural ally to summon a dire bear or a hunting tiger.
    Level 29: You can use summon natural ally to summon a dire lion or a raptor behemoth.

Published in Heroes of the Feywild, page(s) 69.