Asmodeus (Forgotten Realms), Lord of the Ninth

Type: Greater God
Alignment: Evil
Gender: Male
Sphere: Sin
Dominion: Nine Hells
Priests: Mordai
Adjective: Asmodean
Domain: Knowledge, Torment, Tyranny

An ancient deity turned archdevil, the Lord of Nessus longed for untold millennia to reclaim his godhood. The destruction of Dweomerheart sent the dying Azuth (a patron deity of mages) into Asmodeus’s fiery domain. The archdevil killed him and consumed his divine essence. He then ended the Blood War by pushing the Abyss to the bottom of the Elemental Chaos.
    Asmodeus is the unquestioned master of the Nine Hells, served by the eight archdevils, armies upon armies of lesser devils, and an ever-growing cadre of mortal worshipers.
    Priests who serve Asmodeus, known as the mordai, seek to pervert anyone who succumbs to greed and impatience. His sect observes no holy days; service is expected on a continuous basis.
    Asmodeus can be a charismatic and generous deity, quick to reward anyone who is willing to sign away his soul. After death, the damned are enslaved for eternity to their fiendish god’s dark designs.

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 73.