Bane (Forgotten Realms)

Type: Greater God
Alignment: Evil
Gender: Male
Sphere: Tyranny
Dominion: Banehold
Priests: Dreadmasters
Adjective: Banite
Domain: Civilization, Tyranny, War

Thought to have been destroyed forever during the Time of Troubles, Bane returned to life in 1372 DR and continued his mission to dominate every mortal soul on Toril. The Black Lord of Banehold is the embodiment of tyranny.
    Bane’s lust for power doesn’t stop at the mystical walls that separate the world from the heartless gray hellscape of Banehold. Bane also seeks lordship over other deities, and he has killed and absorbed the essence and followers of numerous divine beings. He has drawn others into his command, including the goblin deities Maglubiyet and Hruggek and his consort, the twisted goddess Loviatar.
    Banite priests are expected to strive constantly for dominance over those around them. No holy days are observed in Bane’s name, and the god scorns invocations that are not accompanied by proof of temporal power over others. When a mortal swears fealty to Bane, that service is absolute.

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 73.