Kelemvor, Lord of the Dead

Type: Greater God
Alignment: Unaligned
Gender: Male
Sphere: Death
Dominion: Fugue Plane
Priests: Doomguides
Adjective: Kelemvorite
Domain: Death, Fate, Justice

Kelemvor presides over the passage from life to death with a firm hand and a steady grace. He is deeply earnest in his role as the Judge of the Damned, having set himself above the push and pull of law and chaos, good and evil. He takes each soul as it comes, preaching only the natural inevitability of its transition from one world to the next.
    Because of Kelemvor’s deep respect for both life and death, the undead enrage him. His priests are tireless opponents of the necromantic arts. Families who lose a loved one are comforted by Kelemvor’s doomguides, who counsel the bereaved with a gentle understanding and a simple philosophy that with light there must be darkness, with day there must be night, with life there must be death.
    Shieldmeet and the Feast of the Moon are set aside as days of remembrance, when doomguides seek the counsel of the dead.

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 75.