Lliira, Our Lady of Joy

Type: Exarch
Alignment: Good
Gender: Female
Sphere: Joy
Dominion: Gates of the Moon
Priests: Joydancers
Adjective: Lliiran

Lliira is the perpetually moving maiden of countless ballads, the archetypal dancing ingenue that has inspired poets, songwriters, and any who revel in the experience and wonderment of a life lived gaily and free. Somewhat detached from the everyday events of the mundane world, Lliira speaks to her most devoted adherents in dreams, showing by example that most slights are not worth worrying about, and that few troubles are important enough to draw one away from the Elysian Rigadoon, a philosophy that places joyful movement above all other concerns.

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 81.