Milil, Lord of Song

Type: Exarch
Alignment: Good
Gender: Male
Sphere: Song
Dominion: House of Knowledge
Priests: Sorlyn
Adjective: Mililan

Milil is the ultimate performer: self-confident, inspired, possessed of total recall or anything he sets a mind to remember. He is able to improvise facilely out of desire or necessity. Milil is well-educated in general theories of conduct and broad areas of knowledge and masterful in all sorts of performance technique, especially within his sphere of knowledge—music, poetry, and elegant speech. However, he is also self centered and egotistical and likes to be the center of attention. If not the center of attention, he bores easily, and his mind wanders or he leaves. He is also given to flirtation with both deities and mortals for his own enjoyment, to the deep annoyance of more sober deities.

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 81.