Type: Dead God
Alignment: Evil
Domain: Death, Trickery, Undeath

Formerly the god of the dead, Nerull ruled over the grim dominion of Pluton, where he held all the souls of mortals as powerless, miserable shades. Nerull set his sights on making himself king over all the gods, and he sent blights and plagues into the world to speed the passage of mortals into his realm. In time the Raven Queen overthrew him and became goddess of death. Nerull's laws are focused on selfishness and death:
    No one is greater than you. All are equal in death.
    The living are an affront to Nerull, so slay them in his name.
    Seek evil for the sake of your own enjoyment and gain. Perpetuate your evil in undead form.
     Work to reincarnate Nerull.

Published in Dragon Magazine 427.