Obould, Many-Arrows

Type: Exarch
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Male
Sphere: Warriors
Dominion: Nishrek
Priests: -
Adjective: Obouldan

As a mortal, Obould Many-Arrows was fated for a great destiny among his people. Smarter and more intuitive than most of his kind, he completed quests for his chieftain and for his tribe's clerics before slaying the chieftain and taking control of his tribe. After uniting the disparate tribes of the Spine of the World into a cohesive army, Obould sealed off the territory he had claimed in the mountains and created a unified, relatively stable orc society. For these deeds, Obould was made an exarch of the orc god Gruumsh and is now honored as the patron of orcish warriors.

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 81.