Shar, Mistress of the Night

Type: Greater God
Alignment: Evil
Gender: Female
Sphere: Shadows
Dominion: Towers of Night
Priests: Nightcloaks
Adjective: Sharran
Domain: Darkness, Knowledge, Undeath

As old as the cosmos, Shar is one of the twin deities who created the world, bringing order out of Ao’s primordial chaos. The balance to her sister’s loving grace, Shar resides in the deepest shadows, nurturing the secret hatreds, the unnatural desires, and the lust for revenge that reside in the black corners of the mortal heart.
    Her worshipers wield great power over other mortals and have worked their way into the highest governing ranks of countless realms. In the Empire of Netheril, allegiance to Shar, and Shar alone, carries the weight of law.
    Her nightcloaks form their own cells from what scraps of secret lore they can find. Temples of Shar practice devotion to her in wildly varying ways. Often the presence of a temple is revealed only to a small inner circle of lay initiates who are tasked with spreading Shar’s whispered dogma in their own way.

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 76.