Shiallia, Dancer in the Glades

Type: Exarch
Alignment: Good
Gender: Female
Sphere: Fertility
Dominion: Deep Wilds
Priests: Woodwices
Adjective: Shiallian

Shiallia is winsome and earthy, delighting in dancing and frolicking in the woods and playing with woodland creatures when she is not tending to their needs. She has a low, throaty voice, and enjoys retorting with clever (and often crudely suggestive) rejoinders when engaged in conversation. At times she seems to behave like a satyr, but she has a more mysterious quality and unexpressed depths that a satyr would find incomprehensible. She is fiercely protective of her charges, but lets matters outside her purview go unchallenged, since they do not directly involve her, unless she is ordered to act by Mielikki or Silvanus.

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 81.