Sune, The Lady of Love

Type: Greater God
Alignment: Good
Gender: Female
Sphere: Beauty
Dominion: Gates of the Moon
Priests: Heartwarders
Adjective: Sunite
Domain: Love, Skill, Trickery

The deity of love takes many forms, including that of Hanali Celanil, long worshiped as a goddess by the eladrin. She is the mistress of all that is beautiful and thrives on the most tender of emotions. Many deities, from Amaunator to Torm, have become smitten with the goddess of love, but she remains aloof (though flirtatious), reserving her love for the mortals who revere her name.
    The worship of Sune is prevalent in cities and among the aristocracy, where people have the time to give proper attention to values such as romantic love and the preservation of beauty.
    Numbering eight females for every male, Sune’s heartwarders are among the most beautiful humans, eladrin, and half-elves on Toril. Their informal hierarchy is loosely controlled by the most charismatic of the local priests. Her temples are monuments to the architectural arts, and her followers are asked to demonstrate love through an unselfish act every day

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 77.