The Spirits of the Past

Type: God
Alignment: Unaligned
Sphere: Glory, elven history and heroes
Domain: Protection, Vengeance, War

Many elves of Aerenal, in particular the Valenar, revere their ancestors. This practice stops short of worship, but the spirits of the past represent glorious deeds and the rich history of the elven race. Even elves who follow other religions often maintain shrines to great ancestors. Elves who venerate the Spirits of the Past devote themselves to emulating patron spirits. Such elves have a martial bent—they are often rangers, fighters, or warlords. Particularly devout warriors sometimes attain the title Keeper of the Past; they are often bards or clerics. Although each practitioner honors an ancestor in his or her own way, followers of the Spirits of the Past share some common principles:
- Remember the great deeds and people of the past, and try to emulate and even to surpass them.
- Look to history and tradition for strength.
- Nothing is true today that wasn’t true in the past; it just wears different trappings.

Published in Eberron Player's Guide, page(s) 18.