The Undying Court

Type: God
Alignment: Unaligned
Sphere: Immortality, elven society, history
Domain: Fate, Knowledge, Undeath

Some Aereni elves revere dead ancestors, and some revere ancestors who have eluded death’s grasp. Long ago, the elves of Aerenal discovered the secret of extending their life spans. Only the wisest members of their race received this treatment, and these deathless creatures rule the elven homeland just as they did millennia ago. The Undying Court counts all Aereni elves as its followers, as well as Valenar and Khorvairian elves and half-elves. Its priests are clerics who dress in white and black; they wear death masks or paint or tattoo their faces with stylized skull images.

The Court’s commands are ancient:
- Obey the commands of the Undying Court and its seneschals.
- Immortality is within reach if you prove yourself worthy of the gift.
- This world is but one stop on the soul’s journey toward perfection, and death is merely a passage.

Published in Eberron Player's Guide, page(s) 18.