Level 21 DiseaseBrood Fever

Stage 0: The target recovers from the disease.
Stage 1: Initial Effect: The target loses two healing surges.
Stage 2: The target takes a -2 penalty to AC, Fortitude, and Reflex.
Stage 3: Each time the target becomes bloodied, it becomes dazed and takes ongoing 10 psychic damage (save ends both).
Stage 4: Final State: The target dies and is transformed into a brood spawn under the control of Father Llymic.
Check: At the end of each extended rest, the target makes an Endurance check if it is at stage 1, 2, or 3.
29 or lower: The stage of the disease increases by one.
30-32: No Change
33 or higher: The stage of the disease decreases by one.

Published in Elder Evils, page(s) 3.