"It’s all coming together. I understand. I understand . . . everything!"

Prerequisite: 21st level, any psionic class

Your mind flows like a river during a storm surge, threatening to overflow with a torrent of thought. As your consciousness grows more charged with psionic power, your attention expands each day. Soon, you believe, little will lie beyond your comprehension. No mystery will veil the divide between your desire and reality. You have become the walking embodiment of mind over matter. In truth, your mind controls matter and the perceptions of others. You suspect that you have discovered a new path to divinity, one powered by your will alone. But this is not a divinity that requires the adoration of others; the intensity of your focus is enough to sustain your mounting abilities.

It used to be that an insight would come to you unbidden once in a great while and shine like a star in your mind; a connection you had failed to make before suddenly became clear. Those moments of clarity were wonderful, even more so for their rarity. But now an hour does not go by that you don’t make such a startling association. All the components of existence are connected in far more fundamental ways than you had realized.

You now believe that much of what makes up reality is merely the consensus, albeit an unconscious one, of all the thinking beings within it. With your psionic abilities, you can influence how the minds around you see and understand their surroundings, and in so doing, you reshape the world according to your will.

You perfect your understanding of the great skein of existence and picture it as a self-reinforcing and self-generating construct of conception and thought. It seems as if all the lesser minds in the universe make up one universal mind, whose perceptions expand once per age. You decide to contribute consciously to that expansion.

Universe Mind: With a smile on your face, you expend all your psionic power in one dramatic flare. Your physical form drops away, a vessel that has served its purpose. You imprint your mind on the universe, becoming an eternal thought, a higher ideal, a meme that will forever reverberate through existence. When your name is spoken, you notice, and if the need is great enough, you provide a crucial insight. Finally, you know all, see all, and think all.


    Lay Bare the Mind (21st level): Once per encounter, you can use a minor action to cause a single enemy you can see to have vulnerable 5 psychic until the end of the encounter.
    Startling Insight (24th level): After you use your second wind, you can roll twice when you make any attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks and use either result. This benefit lasts until the end of your next turn.
    Wellspring of Mental Power (30th level): You gain 4 additional power points.

Godmind Utility 26Rejuvenate Mind

Light emanates from you as you reach into the collective unconscious and touch a font of mental power.

Daily        Psionic
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: You regain either all your power points or the use of all your daily powers, except this one. You also gain a number of temporary hit points equal to your highest ability score. Once you use this power, you cannot recover it except by taking an extended rest.

Update (6/14/2010)
At the end of the Effect entry, add “Once you use this power, you cannot recover it except by taking an extended rest.”

Published in Player's Handbook 3, page(s) 157.