Reincarnate Champion

You remember the exploits of your earlier incarnations— each a champion of the spirit way. It’s now time to teach the world a new heroic story.

Prerequisite: 21st level, any primal class

You know that some primal souls leave the world behind to join the mystery after death. Other transcendent heroes join the spirits, flowing through the world to give it life and preserve its natural order. Still other primal champions reincarnate into new bodies, returning as new exemplars of nature.

You long suspected that you were one of the spirits who regularly return to the world in new bodies, though you could not be certain until the day you attained epic power. As your epic destiny opened before you, so did the memories of your past lives, a long chain of heroes, leaders, humble souls, and conquerors who lived in harmony with the spirits.

You are a champion of the spirit way, a defender of the world’s primal cycles. In this life, you finally have the chance to put the knowledge and power of all your incarnations together.

One of the great elder spirits, Blood Cousin, had dozens of lives as a champion of the spirit way, teaching people across the world initiation rites so that tribes could adopt members of any race who proved worthy. You revere Blood Cousin for this work in strengthening primal tribes. You will do the same, but in a different manner.
A New Story: Generations from now, people will tell stories about you. You harnessed dozens of past lives as a primal champion as you accomplished mighty heroic deeds. Tales of your exploits will inspire people on the spirit way as they battle evil deities and demon princes. The best part of these stories is that somewhere, someone hearing them will be touched by your spirit and will create a new piece of the primal story.


    Many Perspectives (21st level): You gain a +2 bonus to Intelligence-, Wisdom-, and Charisma-based skill checks and ability checks.
    Past Spirit (21st level): Choose a race other than your own. You are considered a member of that race for the purpose of meeting feat prerequisites. If that race has any racial encounter powers, you gain one of your choice.
At 24th level, you choose a second race and gain the same benefits with it.
    Epic Vitality (24th level): An ability score of your choice increases by 2.
    The Champion Returned (30th level): You gain access to every racial encounter power. To use a racial encounter power that you don’t have, you expend the use of one of your racial encounter powers.

Reincarnate Champion Utility 26Swift Reincarnation

In an instant, you move from death to new life in a different form, hastening the natural cycle.

Daily        Healing, Primal
Immediate Interrupt      Personal

Trigger: You drop to 0 hit points or fewer

Effect: You regain hit points equal to your bloodied value. Choose a race other than your own. You appear as a member of that race.
If the race is not one of your Past Spirit races, you gain one of that race’s racial encounter powers, if any, until the end of your next extended rest.
If the race is one of your Past Spirit races, you can choose to replace your current race with that race at the end of your next extended rest, but only if your current race is not a prerequisite for any of your attributes, such as feats. If you do so, your previous race becomes one of your Past Spirit races.

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 154.