Asmodeus’s Fiery Command [Divinity]

Prerequisite: Channel Divinity class feature, must worship Asmodeus
Benefit: You gain the power Asmodeus’s fiery command.

Feat UtilityAsmodeus’s Fiery Command

Asmodeus rewards those who please him and destroys those who fail.

Encounter      Channel Divinity, Divine, Fire
Minor Action      Close burst 3

Target: One ally in the burst

Effect: If the target hits an enemy with an attack before the end of the target’s next turn, the target gains 5 temporary hit points. Otherwise, the target and each creature adjacent to him or her take 3 fire damage at the end of his or her next turn.
    Level 11: 10 temporary hit points or 5 fire damage.
    Level 21: 15 temporary hit points or 10 fire damage.

Special: You can use only one channel divinity power per encounter.

Published in The Book of Vile Darkness, page(s) 1-30.