Awakened Potential [Multiclass Ardent, Battlemind, or Psion]

Prerequisite: Int 15, trained in Arcana
Benefit: You gain the Psionic Augmentation class feature and 1 power point. You can spend this power point to augment powers, feats, or magic items that are augmentable. Once you spend this power point, you do not regain the power point until you take an extended rest. You also qualify for feats that require the Psionic Augmentation class feature. You gain 1 additional power point at 21st level.
Special: Choose ardent, battlemind, or psion when you take this feat. This feat counts as a multiclass feat for that class.

Update (8/16/2011)
Changed in September update.

Published in Psionic Power, page(s) 141.