Cutthroat Novice [Multiclass]

Prerequisite: 4th level, Cutthroat
Benefit: You can swap one 3rd-level or higher encounter attack power you know for the sudden retaliation attack power.

Feat UtilitySudden Retaliation

Faster than the eye can follow, you retaliate against those attacking you or your allies.

Encounter      Rattling, Weapon
Immediate Interrupt  

Special: In addition to the keywords above, this power is considered to have the same keywords and range as the at-will power you use with it.

Trigger: You or an ally is attacked by a creature

Target: The attacking creature

Effect: Use a melee or ranged at-will attack power on the target.
11th Level: The at-will power you use deals 1 extra die of damage.

Published in Dragon Magazine 373, page(s) 14.