Cutthroat Specialist [Multiclass]

Prerequisite: 10th level, Cutthroat
Benefit: You can swap one 9th-level or higher daily attack power you know for the quick kill attack power.

Feat UtilityQuick Kill

You slip from the shadows unseen, striking before the enemy knows what happened.

Daily      Reliable
Standard Action  

Special: In addition to the keyword above, this power is considered to have the same keywords and range as the at-will power you use with it.

Target: One creature that cannot sense your current location

Effect: Use a melee or ranged at-will attack power on the target. If you hit, you deal 2 extra dice of damage.
15th Level: The at-will power you use deals 3 extra dice of damage.
25th Level: The at-will power you use deals 5 extra dice of damage.

Published in Dragon Magazine 373, page(s) 14.