Golden Lion of Urik [Greater Pact]

Prerequisite: Warlock, Sorcerer-King Pact class feature, Yellow Cloak of Urik feat
Benefit: In addition to regaining the use of your fell might, whenever you drop an enemy you have cursed to 0 hit points, each enemy cursed by you can choose to either fall prone or become weakened until the start of your next turn.
    You can also expend your fell might to augment any power associated with this feat. When you hit at least one enemy with an associated power augmented by this feat, one ally within 5 squares of you makes a basic attack as a free action and deals extra thunder damage equal to your Intelligence modifier.
    Finally, you can use Charisma instead of Constitution for attack rolls and damage rolls with any power associated with this feat.

Associated Powers: Awaken the Dragon, Frigid Darkness, Howl of Doom, Manipulating Thunderbolt, Soul Flaying, Unholy Glee

Published in Dragon Magazine 390.