An artifact’s concordance score measures the artifact’s attitude toward its wielder. The scale ranges from 0 (angered) to 20 (pleased).

When a character takes possession of an artifact, it starts with a concordance of 5. (The owner’s race, class, or other characteristics might adjust this starting concordance.) Various actions and events increase or decrease this score as long as the character possesses the artifact. When the artifact is pleased with its wielder’s actions, its concordance goes up. When the wielder acts contrary to the artifact’s desires, its concordance decreases.

The wielder knows of the factors that alter the concordance—it’s in the artifact’s best interests to communicate its desires and expectations. But keep the artifact’s concordance score a secret, telling the player only if the artifact’s powers or properties change. The player shouldn’t ever know exactly how close the artifact is to changing its attitude.


ScoreArtifact’s Attitude
0 or lowerAngered

Published in Dungeon Master's Guide, page(s) 164.