Example Light Sources

Even though many dungeons are adequately lit, the cautious adventurer brings a torch or a sunrod when venturing into a cavern or an underground complex.
    Common light sources are described in the Light Sources table. Assuming nothing blocks a creature’s view, the creature can see most light sources from at least a quarter of a mile away, and it can see exceptionally bright sources from up to a mile away.


BonfireBright20 squares4 hours
CampfireBright10 squares8 hours
CandleDim2 squares1 hour
FireplaceBright5 squares8 hours per load of fuel
ForgeBright2 squares8 hours per load of fuel
LanternBright10 squares8 hours per pint of oil
MagmaBright40 squaresOngoing
Phosphorescent fungiDim10 squaresOngoing
SunrodBright20 squares4 hours
TorchBright5 squares1 hour

Brightness: Most light sources provide an area of bright light around them.
Radius: A light source illuminates its space (or a creature’s space if the creature is carrying the light source) and all squares within the stated radius. For example, if a character carries a torch, bright light illuminates his or her space and 5 squares in every direction.
Duration: Most light sources last only so long because they require a fuel source.

Published in Dungeon Master's Guide, page(s) 67, Rules Compendium, page(s) 167.