Group Checks

The Dungeon Master sometimes asks the adventurers to make a check as a group. Doing this is called making a group check, which is useful when a number of individuals are trying to accomplish something as a group. In such a situation, the characters who are skilled at a particular task help cover those who aren’t.
    To make a group check, everyone in the group makes a skill check or an ability check specified by the DM. A group check is almost always against an easy DC. If at least half the group succeeds, the whole group succeeds. Otherwise, the group fails.
    Group checks might come up in a variety of situations: when the adventurers try to sneak past some sentries (using Stealth), try to scale a sheer cliff together (using Athletics), use disguises to pass as a group of orc soldiers (using Bluff ), and so on. Such checks are particularly common in skill challenges, discussed later in this chapter.

Published in Rules Compendium, page(s) 128.