Mounts and Vehicles

When traveling long distances outdoors, characters can use mounts or vehicles to increase their speed, their carrying capacity, or both. The Mounts and Vehicles table shows the effective speed of common mounts and vehicles, as well as their typical carrying capacities. For mounts, the carrying capacity is the normal load, the heavy load, and the maximum drag load for the creature (see "Carrying, Lifting, or Dragging”). For vehicles, it’s the maximum weight of goods that the vehicle can carry.
    The table assumes a day of travel is 10 hours long, although sailing ships and airships can travel up to 24 hours a day if properly crewed.

Mount or VehicleSpeedPer DayPer HourPer MinuteCarrying Capacity
Airship15180 miles7½ miles750 feet20 tons
Cart or wagon525 miles2½miles250 feet1 ton
Riding horse1050 miles5 miles500 feet237/475/1187 pounds
Rowboat315 miles1½ miles150 feet600 pounds
Rowboat (downstream)4-620-30 miles2-3 miles200-300 feet600 pounds
Sailing ship784 miles3½ miles350 feet150 tons
Warhorse840 miles4 miles400 feet262/525/1312 pounds

Published in Rules Compendium, page(s) 171.