NPC Mannerism

Describe a memorable characteristic of the NPC, something for the players to remember. They might forget a name, but they’ll remember the blacksmith with the elaborate vocabulary. Roll or pick a mannerism from the table, or make up your own.

1Is prone to singing, whistling, or humming quietly
2Speaks in rhymes or meter
3Has particularly low or high voice
4Slurs words, lisps, or stutters
5Enunciates very clearly
6Speaks loudly
8Uses flowery speech or long words
9Frequently uses the wrong word
10Uses colorful oaths and exclamations
11Constantly makes jokes or puns
12Is prone to predictions of certain doom
13Fiddles and fidgets nervously
15Stares into distance
16Chews something
18Taps fingers
19Bites fingernails
20Twirls hair or tugs beard

Published in Dungeon Master's Guide, page(s) 186.