The Nature skill encompasses knowledge and skills related to nature, including finding ways through wilderness, recognizing natural hazards, dealing with and identifying natural creatures, and living off the land.
    Training in this skill represents formalized study or extensive experience. Those that have training in the skill are likely to know esoteric information in the field of study.


Make a Nature check to recall a relevant piece of lore about the natural world—terrain, climate, weather, plants, or seasons—or to recognize a nature-related clue (see “Knowledge Checks").
    Examples of Nature knowledge include determining cardinal directions or finding a path (easy DC), recognizing a dangerous plant or another natural hazard (moderate DC), or predicting a coming change in the weather (moderate DC).


Make a Nature check to identify a creature that has the natural origin (see “Monster Knowledge Checks”).


Make a Nature check to locate and gather food and water in the wilderness.

        Action: The check takes 1 hour of effort.
        DC: DC 15 to find food and water for one person, or DC 25 for up to five people. The DM might adjust the DC in different environments: 5 lower in a cultivated environment or 5 higher in a barren one.
        Success: The creature finds enough food and water for 24 hours.
        Failure: The creature finds no food or water. The creature must wait 24 hours to try again in the same area.


Make a Nature check to calm a natural beast. For instance, a character might use this check to get a wild horse to let him or her ride it.

        Action: Standard action.
        DC: Hard DC of the beast’s level. The check fails automatically against a beast that the character’s group is fighting.
        Success: The beast is calmed.


Make a Nature check to teach a natural beast a simple trick (come, fetch, heel, stay, and so forth). This use of the skill is usually part of a skill challenge, which might take much longer than an encounter to complete.

        Camouflage a trap or some other construction in a natural setting (opposed by Perception)
        Build a shelter that provides some protection against harsh weather (moderate DC)

Published in Player's Handbook, page(s) 186, Rules Compendium, page(s) 148.