Necromancy is more widely practiced than nethermancy, but this recognition brings with it little in the way of acceptance. Necromancers and their magic are gist for terrible stories. Legends speak of mad wizards leading vast, rotting hordes, waging war against the living. These infamous figures are the rare few exceptions among necromancers, despite their prominence in the public attention. Most necromancers have little interest in conquest, instead using their art to examine the secrets of life, death, and the connections between them. It is true that necromancers can raise undead creatures, wield dread magic that rots flesh and sunders souls, and snuff out life with a whisper. Those who defend the art offer comparisons to other magic: How, they ask, can these abilities be considered more destructive than an evoker’s fireball or more insidious than an enchanter’s mass charm? Despite their logic, such thinkers find little sympathy among the masses.

Published in Heroes of Shadow.