Ranged Attack

Targeted: Ranged attacks target individuals. A ranged attack against multiple enemies consists of separate attacks, each with its own attack roll and damage roll. Ranged attacks don’t create areas of effect.
If you’re using a projectile weapon to make a ranged attack against multiple targets, you need one piece of ammunition for each target, and if you’re using thrown weapons, you need one for each target.

Range: Some powers set a specific range (“Ranged 10”) or allow you to attack any target you can see (“Ranged sight”). If you’re using a weapon, the attack’s range is the range of your weapon, as shown on the Ranged Weapons table in Chapter 7.

Long Range: If you use a ranged weapon and your target is farther away than the weapon’s normal range but within its long range, you take a -2 penalty to your attack roll. You can’t hit a target beyond the weapon’s long range. A ranged power that doesn’t use a weapon has a normal range but no long range.

Provoke Opportunity Attacks: If you use a ranged power while adjacent to an enemy, that enemy can make an opportunity attack against you.

Published in Player's Handbook, page(s) 270.